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Vice [Feb. 14th, 2009|08:07 pm]
[Current Location |work]
[mood |embarrassedHungover]
[music |Vitalic - No Fun]

Well last night I turned up at the club two hours early as normal to set up,
no one was there so I sat down in the bar next door probably looking like the most out of place person possible.
The bar in question being a small little wine bar full of business people in suits, So in I walk carrying a lap top two CD decks two mixers a sound desk and a projector.
I placed every thing down in a haphazard pile at the side of a small table and went to the bar.
I felt sorry for the bar maid who was obviously doing her first shift at this bar as after asking the other bar man if they had what I had asked for.
she gave me my drink, I had asked for a double Calvados.
I asked the how much and she replied "£2.85 " thinking to my self this was really good value I gave her a £5 note and received my change I sat down at my table realising that she had only charged me for a single measure.
I went to put my change in my wallet not only had I received a double measure for the price of a single she had also given me £1 extra change, Just then the rest of the staff arrived after trying to get in to the club and discovering the door locked they had come to the same conclusion as myself and decided to go for a drink while they waited.
One of the DJ's who also happens to be our resident Graphic Artist informed me that our sound tecnition was not going to be coming down till after midnight.
I said that this would not be a problem as I was fully capable of setting up the two floors with the relivent equipment and do the sound checks my self, But that the sound tecnition had the key for the club so we still could not get in so we where left with no choice but to sit and wait till the bar staff turned up so we could get in.

Well once we got in to the club I started my slagging match with the sound system that had decided that because I had only 30 mins to set up would not cooperate with me but eventually was beaten in to submission, setting up the 4 projectors on the other had posed a new problem.
On unpacking them I discovered we only had half the cables we needed so I sent out one of the DJ's with the job of hunting down the relivent cables while they did I decided to sit down and have a drink.

Three minuets before we opened the person arrived back with an assortment of leads and I managed to get the projectors set up with there relevant dvd players and computers and we opened the doors and I took up my residency in the DJ booth on the top floor of the night cub starting my set with something slightly less elecronicly based than normal but it all seemed to go down very well and after two hours I began to wind my set down and change the visualisations on the projectors ready for our headlining DJ of the evening.
An hour and half later I get aprouched by the DJ's assistant with a very panicked look on her face asking if I could play for the last 30 mins as they had just broken a needle on one of the recorded decks,
Grabbing a fresh beer from the bar maid I went back to the booth and placed on a new video for my impromptu set deciding to do a somewhat darker more aggressive set than my main one had been I selected Helsing OVA from a file on the lap top and fired it through the projector and started to play some of the harshest industrial and EBM I could lay my hands on.
The refreshing thing of playing a extra set was that it enabled me to end on precisely the same track I had started with something I have never done before but it seemed to work very well.

As far as we can tell the night went very well with not to many problems considering.
Trying to get a 6 seater taxi at 3am wasn't quite so easy but we only had to wait 10 - 15 minuets for one and most of us ended up back at my cottage for drinks until around 5am where most of us thought it would be a good plan to go to bed as the majority of us had work later on in the day


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2009-03-03 03:59 pm (UTC)
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